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Monthly Archives: July 2017

StartX, XTerm & Xresources

I recently switched from a full blown DE to a completely minimalist setup using just startx and herbstluftwm. The trigger was yet another annoyance on top of a stack of annoyances with the current state of DE’s. Everything is getting bloated, dumbed down in an attempt to cater to the average Windows user who just switched to Linux. And while XFCE or LXDE isn’t really bloated, development seems stagnant or incredibly slow and themes and integration leaves so much to be desired. I’ve always preferred minimalist over larger DE’s like Gnome or Plasma. Recently, I took another step to an even more minimalist approach. Reinstalled with nothing more than the bare necessities to run xterm and herbstluftwm. Unconfigured, xterm is not very pleasant though so the rest of this post will deal with configuring it to make it more pleasing to the eye, and work the way I want.

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